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Lawyers – Positions open

The one trait common to all of us is that we like to find solutions for our clients. We love helping our clients achieve success and build a better community around us. We like doing so in a setting where we have few conflicts and are free to take on matters that interest us as well as provide financial reward. We are a relatively small team and don’t have any particular growth goals. We do what we need to do to meet the needs of our clients.

We look for people who share our vision of service and commitment to a sophisticated legal practice usually only found in law firms that operate much differently than ours. We know that because we’ve been there. As you will see from reviewing our bios, people come to the firm, by and large, after having built a record of accomplishment and demonstrated their commitment to doing what we do.

Our lawyers come from top schools, with strong educational credentials and often have had distinguished careers or show great promise. We are pretty picky. Jerks need not apply.

We provide compensation and benefits that are competitive. However, our open, collaborative work-style creates a congenial atmosphere and a recognition of life outside the law. It is our hope that this atmosphere and the financial and professional rewards of practicing with us are sufficiently appealing that good people will recognize the firm as a place to make a career.

Mentoring and tutoring more junior lawyers is a crucial part of our culture. We encourage junior lawyers to participate in programs that build their skills not only as lawyers but as members of the community.

We have no summer associate program and usually are not looking to hire lawyers directly out of law school. But if you are in school and just want to let us know who you are and that we are a firm with which you are interested in practicing after you have achieved some experience, please feel free to do that. If you’ve been a successful commercial lender or real estate developer before law school, we would be especially interested in that.

If your credentials and interests are consistent with ours, and you would like to inquire about joining our team, email us at  Please include a cover letter explaining your interest, a resume, and your law school transcript.

Legal assistants – Positions Open

The experience our legal assistants receive goes well beyond the experience legal assistants typically get at other law firms.

You will not only work on transactions, you will also be part of ‎a team that is on the front lines of service delivery to the client. You will be part of the team developing and implementing the strategy to address the challenges of our clients who are involved in some of the most interesting real estate and financing transactions on in the United States today. You will also see how a growing, entrepreneurial organization operates and learn about the business as well as the practice of law.

We may ask you to run down the street to Alabama Graphics to pick up some surveys, or we may ask you to lead a call on outstanding diligence items in a historic rehabilitation tax credit transaction with participants from Boston to Austin. Mostly, we’ll look to you to keep us organized and a step ahead of our client’s expectations. 


Legal assistants may join us right out of college or shortly thereafter or may have years of wily experience. You may be looking for a couple of years to decide if law school and its tuition are right for you. Or you may be looking for a place to stay until retirement. We welcome both.

And for each we look for bright, hard-working individuals with a strong interest in the type of work we do, who are good communicators and team oriented. ‎We interview and hire throughout the year, depending on our needs. 

If you think you are a good fit for our team, please email us, explaining your interest and including your resume, to

Professional staff – Positions open

Our professional staff is integral to providing the quality of legal representation we offer. We view them as teammates and not employees.

We look for people with relevant experience who are willing to commit to doing what it takes to achieve extraordinary results for clients. This generally means going “above and beyond” what one might expect in a law firm of our size. In particular, we look for conscientiousness and technical ability to help lawyers who may have less prowess fully utilize the wide range of technology we have available.

In return for that effort, we offer compensation and benefits that are competitive with those of large law firms. But more importantly, we offer a congenial, caring work environment.

Please look closely at the rest of this website and learn about who we are. If you think you are a good fit for our team, please email us, explaining your interest and including your resume, to:

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